Celebrate Easter and Holy Week at St Clements

Celebrate Easter and Holy Week at St Clements


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Easter is such a special time for people everywhere. It is a time when Christians gather to celebrate love and life. 

Love so richly poured out that it took Jesus to the Cross for our sakes. – Whatever it cost to bring us the chance of a future and a new life with God, he was willing to pay. It cost him his life!
But that’s how much we’re worth to God.
The Bible describes it like this: “God shows his love for us in this way; while we were still sinners Christ died for us.”
For Christians, Jesus is God reaching out to us and saying “This is how far I am ready to go to bring you peace, forgiveness and a new beginning.”

Easter is not just about the Cross. It’s about the Resurrection. When Christians celebrate the Resurrection they are celebrating hope! – Jesus who rose from the dead promises eternal life, freedom from shame and past failures, and his strength and wisdom to live a new life. Christians believe Jesus can be with us throughout our lives, both the hard times and the good, until the day we are caught up to live with him forever. Easter reminds us that we can trust him for that…that’s what faith is all about…
…and he is trustworthy!

Everyone is welcome to come and celebrate love and life with us this Easter…and may you and those you love discover God’s peace and joy at this special time.

Yours truly,

Rev. Stuart Carter

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